Ari Weller has been a highly sought after private fitness trainer since 1996 when he began his career in fitness. Ari’s personal fitness philosophy and methodology evolved out of traditional bodybuilding. Through years of experience, he has come to realize that training the body in ‘parts’ neglects to address the interrelated relationships between all body parts and physiological systems. Ari has established himself as an industry leader when developing maximum fitness with minimum wear and tear.

Over his 20-year career Ari’s passion for constant learning has furthered his wisdom and guided him to constantly become better at assessing and screening movement, understanding bodily dysfunction and creating intelligent training programming for his clients.

Some of his studies include:

Functional Movement Screen™ (FMS)

Neurokinetic Therapy™ (NKT)—Level 2

Anatomy in Motion—Level 2

Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC- MBSC)

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretch–Level 3

GYROTONIC® Method–Certified Teacher

Pilates Mat—Certified Teacher

EM Technique

Ari’s work has been featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Self Magazine, W Magazine, Fitness, Men’s Journal, Details, Harper’s Bazaar and more.

In 2013 Ari opened PhilosoFit, a Movement Training studio in East Hampton, NY.

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